Are toothbrushes incriminating evidence?

6 Jun

(Image via

Blake Lively, star of US teen drama Gossip Girl and muse of Karl Lagerfeld, has become the latest starlet to have intimate photographs of herself leaked online – allegedly. Her reps have been quick to deny the validity of the pictures. The source of the leaked photos had originally sent out a series of nude photographs purporting to show Lively, but hit back against accusations they were fake by releasing further self-portraits of the actress which appear to be genuine. The photographs could be an elaborate hoax, the real deal obtained by hacking into Lively’s phone, or a mixture of the two.

Leaked personal photographs are nothing new, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens are all victims, but the interesting part of Lively’s story is how the online community is trying to prove the authenticity of the pictures through a jigsaw identification. Gossip websites have pointed out that the phone seen in the pictures is the same as Lively’s iPhone, that she was seen buying a toothbrush in March that matches the one in some of the shots, that the tattoos shown in one of the pictures match those that Lively sported in The Town. 

Regardless of whether this circumstantial evidence proves that the photos are of Lively, the fact remains that they were obtained without permission. The real cynics out there will say they were probably released by Lively and her PR team to boost her profile. But does a young woman with a successful television career behind her, a string of Hollywood films ahead of her and a coveted contract with Chanel – not to mention being the latest girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio – really need that kind of publicity?

Update: Reese Witherspoon dispatched some unsympathetic advice at the MTV Movie Awards last night, saying: “If you take naked pictures of yourself with your cell phone, you hide your face. It’s possible to be a good girl.” Ouch.

[Source: Egotastic/TMZ. Hat-tip: @Guy_F)


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